Friday, April 27, 2012

Signs your roommates are velociraptors

Do you have bad roommates? They could be velociraptors.
Your roommates might be velociraptors if:

They never clean anything.

They don't brush their teeth. 

They don't go to the bathroom in the bathroom.

There are things resembling dead animal bits all over the floor and walls.

Whenever they get locked out, they bust the door down instead of asking an RA for help.

Whenever you say hello to them, they run at you screeching and growling.

When you offer to share some of your extra food with them, they tear your arms off instead.

When you put your new TV in the living room, they don't understand how it works, so they tear it to bits.

When you try to sleep at night, you are kept awake by your neighbors' screams of terror.

They don't help you pay the rent. Or the utilities.

They don't use dishes to eat.

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