Thursday, April 5, 2012

My printer is adorable.

My printer is adorable. I am not going to complain about its inefficiency like most people do when they talk about their printers. My printer is plenty efficient, and it never gives me much trouble. It also has a scanner!

My printer is adorable because it tries so hard to make me happy.
Usually, when I print something out, my printer takes plenty of time, making sure it gives me a good-quality copy of whatever it is I'm printing.

Sometimes, I have to tell my printer to print out a fast draft of something because I'm in a hurry.
My printer takes this very seriously.

When my printer prints a fast draft of something, the print-out never lands on the printer tray. Instead, my printer keeps on pushing and unceremoniously chucks the print-out into the floor. I think my printer does this because it is excited and proud of its speedy accomplishment, not because it is defective.

If I could change one thing about my printer, it would have a wireless connection to my computer. But I'm not going to tell my printer that, because it would try really really hard to be wireless and would inevitably fail, and then it would shut itself down because of its fear of disappointing me.

My printer is adorable.

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