Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LegoLord Voldemort (photoblog entry)

Today I didn't draw any silly pictures. I'm sorry.

Not really.

My new hobby: coming up with ways to abuse Lego Voldemort (I prefer to call him "Voldy") using things I find on and around my desk. I've decided it's okay to abuse Voldemort because he's mean. He kills people and stuff. (Please forgive my un-fancy camera.)

That elder wand really isn't working out for Voldy right now. I just popped his head right off!

Oh no! Not monkey cuddles! Voldy hates love and fuzziness!

 What now, Voldy? Your wand's out of reach!

 Now, with my mighty magic hole puncher, I'll make the wind blow through your cloak! And you'll get cold! Brrr!

I'mma press you like a flower, Voldy!

 Yeah, now you're in a dust rag. Sneeze, Voldy, sneeze!

 Did I catch you like an itty bitty insect, wittle Voldy? Aww.

What's that, Voldy? You can't see? The headlamp is blinding you? TOO BAD.

Cry, wittle Voldy, cry!

What's that? You're getting attacked by a bear?

"Quick, Mr. Raptor! Disarm him while I sneak up on him!"


Out of all the ways Voldy could've died, I would never have expected dinosaurs. Who knew?

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  1. bahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaahahahhaha!!! I would only expect this to come from you, my dear Kayla. I seriously laughed at this for a good 5 minutes.