Thursday, December 29, 2011

talking to people is difficult

I'm shy and quiet-natured, and meeting people is difficult for me. I'm afraid of half the people I already know, and terrified of new people.

There are billions of different people, and billions of different personalities, but some people seem to fit certain molds.

There are those who are timid and quiet-natured, like me. Conversations with them are difficult and while we'd make good friends, we're too terrified of each other to make it happen.

There are people who have no filter between their brains and their mouths, and they spew out a mindless babble of everything that occurs inside their head.
They're actually easier to be around, because I don't feel pressured to say anything.
All I have to do is make occasional, simple comments.
But sometimes, I actually have matters on my mind I would like to talk about. So I can't be around endless-babble-makers all the time.

There are also the people who share their opinions about everything ever. They are a more annoying type of endless-babble-spewer. They even share their opinions on the eggs they ate for breakfast and how the person that made those eggs just needs to go fall off a cliff and die, because anyone who cooks eggs that horribly doesn't deserve to live.
I don't have much patience for these people and their exaggerations. I avoid them as much as possible, so I don't make the mistake of hitting them in the face, causing them to spew out more opinions on how my fist smells like a rotten diaper. Or whatever.
I don't really care that they think my fist smells like a rotten diaper. Unless it actually does. But that's a whole different issue.

Then there are intelligent people with broad vocabularies. I enjoy their company quite a lot.
At the same time, though, they stress me out, because I feel like I have to say equally smart-sounding things and I'm afraid I'll fail.

There are also people who seem intelligent at first, but after talking to them for a few minutes, I realize they only sound intelligent because they make references to other things and think few original thoughts. Conversations with these people deteriorate quickly.
I'm secretly afraid that these people are robots. I'm also afraid I'll make a bad reference or--God forbid--get a meme wrong.

Reference-makers stress me out and terrify me, because even though I know they don't think very much, I still feel the need to impress them. It's more difficult to impress a dumb person who thinks he's smart than it is to impress an actual smart person.

But the very worst situation is when I'm in a room full of all these kinds of people, and they keep talking and talking, and I can't think of anything to say, and they all say to me is, "Daww, you're so cute and quiet!"
And then they all look at me and expect me to speak.
I just smile and form an escape plan.

Talking to people is difficult.


  1. Loved it. Thoughtful. Insightful. You communicate in ways others cannot. You are one very capable young lady.

  2. I can relate. Sometimes I have to build up courage to say something. As result, I often find myself making comments in a conversation after a blabber-mouth type has already changed the subject. Then everyone just looks at me like, "That's irrelevant now".

    1. Those people are losers. You should say, "It's relevant 'cause *I'm* talkin' 'bout it! Fools!" But if you're like me, you're probably too scared to say something like that to people...