Saturday, March 10, 2012

fancy-schmancy new feature!

I just created a funny button. If you scroll down the page a bit you will see it. It looks like this:

If you click on it, it will magically transport you to a new place that has made me laugh. It may or may not make you laugh too, depending on your sense of humor.

What is even more magical is that it periodically changes!

Warning: The magical places to which the funny button will take you will be funny. If you do not feel like laughing, don't click on the funny button. The funny button will never take you somewhere sad. That is not the funny button's purpose. Sometimes, the funny button will transport you to a funny thing that is also gross. It may or may not include poop and/or snot related content. If the mere mention of poop and snot makes you frown with disgust, think twice before clicking on the funny button.

That is all.

(The funny button will do the best it can to make you at least chuckle a bit-- maybe even giggle girlishly, and possibly laugh out loud. The funny button's highest hope is to make you snort, causing you to laugh at yourself for snorting, causing you to laugh even harder, maybe even until your stomach hurts and you cry.)

(If the funny button causes you to cry, hopefully it will be from laughter. If you click on the funny button and immediately cry without first laughing, the funny button will also cry because it will feel like a failure. Remember that. Please be nice to the funny button and don't make it cry.)

(That is all parentheses-wise.)

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